International QS BIM Conference 2017 sucessfully held in Hong Kong


On 18th November, 2017, the International QS BIM Conference 2017 held by the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors in Regal Hong Kong Hotel was concluded successfully. 

As Invited Speaker, Dr. Robert Share the Future Development of Whole Construction lifecycle

Surrounding the topic “The Current Application Situation of BIM of QS and Its Future Development”, Dr. Robert Yuan Zheng Gang, President of Glodon Company Ltd., Mr. Cheng Tai Fatt, Deputy Managing Director, BCA Academy and BERLL, Building & Construction Authority, Singapore, Ms. Rosana Wong, Executive Director, You Lee Holdings Limited Hong Kong delivered excellent speeches as invited speakers.

In the speech “Update of QS BIM Software’s Development”, Dr. Yuan analyzed the current development for digitization of the construction industry, concluding that the construction industry is among the least digitized ones all over the world. Therefore, he proposed two solutions to push and accelerate the digitization of the construction industry by extending the application of QS BIM software to the whole life cycle of building projects (BIM 5D) and adopting the Big Data to this industry.

What’s more, he mentioned Glodon’s current cooperation with Guizhou’s government to build the construction database, thereby integrating the data of the whole construction process. From his innovative and thought-provoking speech, the audience got a better understanding for the road forward of the construction industry and were excited about the blueprint of construction described.

Other Speakers from Leading Companies All Over the World

Apart from the three invited speakers, another 10 elites from different companies in Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia etc. also made exciting and cheerful speeches. Over 300 people of 100 companies such as ARCADIS, Hong Kong Housing Society, AECOM, RLB participated in the conference.

Glodon Company (Hong Kong) Ltd.’s Effective Communication with Participants

As one of the sponsors for this conference, Glodon Company (Hong Kong) Ltd. also met and communicated with participants from different companies. After learning the features of the Cubicost products, many of the participants showed interest and left their contact information for our further communication.